10 Tips to maintain your home during winters

Winter is a tough season, even in a warm state such as Australia. With temperatures dropping to as low as 5 degrees Celsius or more, it’s critical to protect your home from potential hazards. Although Australian homes are better built and prepared for heat, it’s still important to stay prepared during extra cold winters. Here are ten tips to protect your property this winter.

1. Add Layers of Textures
Redecorate your home with cozy additions such as knitted throw pillows, fluffy carpets, or the use of timber. Try to create a space that’s great for snuggling.

2. Check for Leaks
Sealing air and water leaks around your home can prevent cold spots during winter. It will also improve your house’s overall energy efficiency by preventing heat from escaping your space.

3. Sunshine
During the day, open curtains to let sunlight in. Take advantage of areas of your home that gets the most sunlight. You can use this area to place your indoor washing or your pet beds. You can also set a chair there so you can try to get sunlight during the day.

4. Trim Trees
Trees are great, but not when they are falling and breaking your roof. A wild winter can bring extreme heavy storms that can break tree branches. To protect your home, consider trimming tree branches that are close to your roof.

5. Use Your Blinds/Curtains
When the temperature drops, it can be challenging to stay comfortable in your home. Keep your home warm by making good use of curtains. Curtains can trap the heat in when you need it. It will also make your home a lot cozier.

6. Invest in a Good Rug
Rugs can always add comfort to your feet on a chilly day & make your home look grounded. A stylish carpet can also become the statement piece of your home. At the same time, a simple rug can accentuate your furniture.

7. Double-glazed Windows
Double-glazed windows, although expensive, can be super energy efficient. They’re also very quiet compared to other types of windows. Double glazed windows can reduce the amount of heat escaping your home, which keeps your home at a more comfortable temperature.

8. Clear Your Gutters
You must regularly clean your gutters, but it’s essential to do this before winter if you haven’t yet. After fall, there would be leaves and twigs on your roof; the accumulation of this debris can leave your roof blocked. Stagnant water can freeze in the gutters and put added weight on your roof. Cracks or gaps can also allow rodents to live inside your roof.

9. Replace Broken Tiles on Your Roof
Check your roof for any broken tiles or worn-out seals around the vent pipes. Fix any seals to prevent leaks. Make sure to do this before wintertime.

10. Install Outdoor Heating
Don’t forget your outdoor spaces. Give them as much love and care as your indoor spaces, especially if you like spending time in your yard. Outdoor heaters can keep your environment comfortable. Should you decide to sell your home someday, it will also add to its resale value.