5 Interesting Ideas to Create a Beautiful Lounge

Lounge rooms are areas in your home where you receive your guests. Most lounge rooms are placed further inside the house, unlike the living room, which can be the first room most guests come to. So how do you make your lounge room pleasing to the eye and comfortable at the same time? How do you create a lounge room that reflects your style? Having a lounge space you love makes spending time with friends and family more enjoyable! Here are the secrets to creating your ideal lounge.

Create Symmetry and Visual Balance
If you’re going for a more formal look, symmetry is the best layout choice. Symmetry works well in tiny spaces where you don’t want the area to feel too cluttered. You can create symmetry by placing a coffee table between two sofas, placing sconces on either side of a fireplace, or hanging art side by side. Don’t be shy to copy the pros. Look in design books and magazines to see how interior designers make symmetrical styles to the layout of their rooms.

Don’t Be Afraid To Use Bold Colors.
Furniture and accent with striking colours can make any lounge room look instantly glamorous. When it comes to adding bold colours to your room, pay attention to scale. Do not use too much of that one bold colour, otherwise, your design will feel overwhelming rather than trendy.

For best results, use the 60/30/10 rule. Cover 60 per cent of the room in a neutral colour. Then, cover 30 per cent of the room with the secondary colour which is a slightly bolder shade than the first one. Finally, the accent colour, which should cover 10 per cent of the space. It should be the most eye-catching colour of the room.

Add Personality To Your Lounge Room
Take this opportunity to tell a story about yourself and your life. Add pieces of things you love in the space. Make it your own. If you love books, showcase a bookshelf in the lounge room with all your favourite books. If you’re into playing the guitar, then have one displayed in the room too. The lounge room should feel like a space you can comfortably relax and feel at peace.

Mix and Match Furniture
Go for an eclectic style by mixing and matching furniture. Find the best vintage pieces in your local flea market to get some good pieces of furniture to start. Then, bring them together with accessories such as rugs, lamps, and mirrors. When choosing colours, stick to two neutral shades and two accent colours. A simple colour palette is sure to make space look more grounded.

Don’t Forget to Furnish Tiny Nooks.
Turn a small nook in your lounge room into a functional space. You can make a tiny office in your lounge room or a small reading nook. Add a desk surface or some floating shelves to the area. You can also place large plants and storage space to create a more exciting use of space.