Butler’s Pantry vs Walk-in-Pantry, which one should your home have?

What is a butler’s pantry?

Traditionally, a butler’s pantry is essentially a storage space used to store valuable items like the family’s expensive silver utensils. It was considered a divider and a plating area for the meals before it was served. 

Nowadays, it is more like an extension of the kitchen where one doesn’t need to worry about messing. Apart from storage, it is also equipped with extra counter space, sink, and even appliances. The best part is that it has a door. This allows you to completely cover up the mess in your pantry while your real kitchen looks artfully tousled. 

When should you have a butler’s pantry?

Since one of the things that people want in their kitchen is storage space, a butler’s pantry seems like the perfect solution. It allows extra storage and space, especially if you like to entertain and cook for family and friends. 

A butler’s pantry can give you all the extra storage and extra space you want, all the while hiding the real mess from your guests. You can do all your preparations in the butler’s pantry and just use your kitchen for the actual cooking. This should leave your guest with the illusion that you can pull wonderful dishes out of thin air. When they’re gone, you can then take care of the pantry. 


  • Extra space for meal preps
  • Extra storage
  • Additional space for kitchen appliances


  • Smaller actual kitchen
  • It can be an additional cost

What is a walk-in pantry?

A walk-in pantry, on the other hand, is more of extra space for storage only. It’s not used for anything other than to put canned and packaged goods, the good silver, beverages, and cleaning supplies. It is an excellent addition to the kitchen since it allows to organize all kitchen materials without clutter. A walk-in pantry is essentially a more diminutive butler’s pantry that is dedicated solely for storage.

When should you have a walk-in pantry?

If you have a small, extra space in your kitchen area that you believe can turn into exceptional storage, you should convert it into a walk-in pantry. Not only will this move ensure a more organized kitchen, but it will also make your house, your kitchen, specifically, a space saver. In addition, since it’s going to be out of sight for any guests, you can also put up some hooks to hang some kitchen utensils and cooking paraphernalia. 


  • More space for storage
  • Better organized kitchen


  • It takes space away from your actual kitchen
  • It has to be designed carefully to keep from being too narrow

If you want your kitchen to have a little bit more jazz, let’s not discount the fact that you have a lot of design possibilities for this kitchen addition. After all, it shouldn’t only have utility but also aesthetics. You can personally ensure that whichever pantry you choose will be not only functional but also attractive.