Is a home and land package a good option for you as a first home buyer?

Building your custom home from scratch sounds like a dream. Until you realize how much work involved is needed to finish it. Besides hiring an architect, designer, builder and dealing with many contractors, you also have to face the financial costs of delays and construction problems. 

To avoid this hassle, many people opt for a home and land package. As its name suggests, a home and land package is a purchase where a lot and a newly built home is built for you.

Are you interested in buying a home and land package? Read along.

1. Fresh Clean Builds

House and land packages are new builds meaning they’re clean and efficient. No restoration will be needed, plus you’ll probably not need any repairs for years since everything is brand new! If something is broken, you may also be protected by your builder’s warranty. 

2. Fast and Hassle-Free

Another main advantage of purchasing a house-and-land package is the speed of how you can buy and live in your house. Rather than waiting for months or years for construction to finish, you might be able to find one that’s already built. You won’t be working with so many builders; instead, you only have to work with one. Everything will be processed, and the paperwork, too, will be easy. They will deal with everything so that what you only have to do is pay and sign!

3. Access The First Home Owner Grant

The government scheme awards first home buyers payment for buying property. The requirements vary for each state, but the First Home Owner applies to new builds in most cases. So it’s always important to check with your area first. 

4. Experienced Builders

Another excellent advantage of purchasing a house and land packages is that an experienced builder constructs your home. These development companies often hire experts to create awesome house designs that’ll suit the land you’re purchasing. For example, if the land is situated on a slope or has a weird shape, they know what to do to make sure your house remains sturdy and functional.

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