Tips to design an extraordinary home office!

For a long while now, we Australians were encouraged to switch from traditional office setups to home offices due to the pandemic. Setting up our workspaces was no doubt a mad rush. While some people may not be using their home office to the most significant advantage, working in a private room with fewer distractions is always better as it results in more productivity.

Working from home is now becoming the norm, and it is imperative to create a space that blends functionality and aesthetics. Here are the tips in designing an extraordinary home office and how you can take advantage of an unused room turned into a home office or study.

1. Space

To create a home office you’ll enjoy working in, space is vital. Make sure you analyse the amount of space and storage you have left after arranging furniture and storage.

The necessity of maintaining a work-life balance requires that your work area be separated from your living area – no more couch-based desks. Ideally, your home office should be large enough to facilitate a comfortable, productive, and efficient working ambience. 

2. Lighting

Lighting is a must-have in everyone’s home office. It is not only critical for your eye health during the day, but it is also essential in creating the mood you want at work. People who are lucky enough to have large windows are in the best position to take advantage of natural lighting. When deciding what kind of artificial light is best for your home office, reflect on how you will do the work. For instance, the cool blue light will help you concentrate, warm yellows and oranges will create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere.

3. Storage

The work we bring to the table remotely also requires us to incorporate smart storage solutions. With this, you can keep your desktop tidy and neat by finding stylish storage solutions according to what works for you. You can tuck those piles of papers under your desk if you don’t have access to unlimited storage. Open bookshelves offer an ideal solution if you want to display decor and keep books within easy reach.

In addition, dividers allow you to organise your paperwork into groups for easy access, whether you are filing papers for the kids’ school or tax information. If you lack space, a small filing tray is an excellent choice for keeping everything organised. It’s also a perfect way to add colour and style to your office. 

4. Furniture

When setting up our home offices, it is customary to be very excited about choosing our desks and chairs that are comfortable and stylish. However, it is essential to keep in mind that a good desk can make the difference between pleasure and pain when you are working your way through your office documents or keeping track of the family budget.

An open desk is an excellent option in a larger room, and a desk with a drawer makes the most practical and smartest choice. Also, chairs for your home office are often a matter of style, but comfort should take precedence, especially if you will be sitting all day.

5. Desk Location

It’s always best to put your desk in a place where you’ll be comfortable, and if you can’t work well if it’s noisy, make sure that it’s located in an area where outside noise cannot be heard. A desk positioned away from the wall in your home office is a good spot because it emphasises the function of the space. 

You could also place your desk near a window so that natural light can shine in, allowing you to feel more productive. If you don’t have a garden view from your desk, putting an indoor plant where you can see it while working is another option since you can see it while working. Nevertheless, once you have set up your space the way you like it, you will be inspired to work every day.

With just a few simple changes to your existing office, you can customise your home workspace to suit your style and needs. Think about how our home office can inspire and keep us happy. In no time, you will have your personal retreat, and working will be a breeze!