What home design trends does 2022 have in store?

With the pandemic changing the way we live, we’ve also made adjustments to our homes and living spaces. Here are some of the latest interior design trends for 2022:

Connecting with nature
This doesn’t mean just trying to bring the outside in with indoor plants. It’s opening up the home to sunlight with sheer drapes and letting fresh air in. Raw natural materials like timber and stone are also trending. These can be seen in furniture and flooring.

Another way to connect to nature is by maximizing glass to enhance our views of the outdoors.

Earth colours
Part of our need to connect with nature has seen us using more greens, yellows, and browns. Brown is the new white. Furniture with earthy tones and palettes go well with more neutral walls and light-filled homes.

Making spaces multifunction
The pandemic has made us spend more time at home than expected, so we’ve had to adapt and make our spaces multi-use. This means vertical space storage, fold-down beds, and sliding and pocket doors to easily convert and connect areas. Space optimization is a trend we are likely to see even moving forward.

Adding curves
Straight lines were the usual, but now we see softer edges and curves in furniture and decor. These can go from quick waves to more natural and organic curves.

Mindful design choices
The pandemic has also brought on more conscious consumerism. This means opting to find more eco-friendly choices and choosing to buy from independent stores. By buying handcrafted items, you can also support local artisans and small businesses. Decorating your home with handmade accessories makes it feel somewhat cozier and homier.

Calm and zen spaces
The home is your sanctuary, a place you want to be able to relax and destress. This means an increase of soft shapes and warm, comforting colours. It’s scientifically proven that connecting with nature can reduce stress, so natural colours, textures, and aesthetics are trending.

Embracing minimalism
It’s no surprise that with the world being extra chaotic, we turn to our interiors to give us a space to escape. You can create beautiful and relaxing living spaces by using as few materials as possible. Limiting ornaments and décor also makes for easier cleaning and maintenance, a load off your shoulders.

Making a bold statement
Though more subdued colours and tones have become popular, you can break some monotony with a splash of colour or an eye-catching pattern. Choose one part of your home to make a statement. You can choose some flooring with a unique pattern. Make one of the walls in your home a feature wall. While the others are painted with more muted colours, you can make this one stand out with a brighter or more unique colour and some texture.